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March 2019 • Canon 80D camera

The main reason I wanted to visit Stockholm was to see the underground art installations at the various metro stations. I was in Stockholm for only 24 hours and so I visited as much of the stations as I could during my time in the city. It's hard to pick one station as a favourite, as each one has its own unique charm.

The stations with the bolder colours and artworks stand out more and remained more in my mind. I did not get time to visit every station that I had planned to, so a return visit to Stockholm is definitely on the cards for me in the future.

Solna Centrum

Blue Line

Solna Centrum station opened in 1975. The artists Anders Åberg and Karl-Olov Björk depicted a red sky with green forest landscape.

When they finished, they thought is was a little bit empty. So they began to improvise and create extra illustrations throughout the station on topics such as deforestation and the environment.


Blue Line

T-Centralen station was designed by the artist Per Olof Ultvedt (1935-2006). Painted in blue and white, the slightly different motifs fill the ceilings under the 4 vaults of the station.

At one of the lifts in the station, there is a scene depicting silhouettes of construction workers.


Red Line

The famous rainbow ceilings of Stadion was created by artists, Åke Pallarp and Enno Hallek. As one of Stockholm's first cave stations, it was built in 1973.

Close by is The Stockholm Olympic Stadium, the site for the 1912 Olympics.

Solna Strand

Blue Line

Designed by Swedish-Japanese artist Takashi Naraha, Solna Strand was opened in 1985. The artwork in the station is called Himmelen av kub (The heaven of cube)

There are cubes jutting out from the ceiling and platform throughout the station.


Blue Line

Artists Arne Sedell and her brother Lars, Helga Henschen spent over a year painting Tensta station that opened in 1975. there are a lot of colourful illustrations of animals throughout the station.

The reason for the different animals are meant to represent a welcoming feeling to the immigrants that have moved to this part of Stockholm. There are words written around the station celebrating all the people from different cultures living in Tensta.


Blue Line

The deepest metro station in Stockholm, Kungstradgarden was opened in 1977. It's one of the most unusual stations in Stockholm.

Designed by Ulrik Samuelson, it has a mixture of vibrant colourful ceilings with archeological excavations sculptures from the past.

Did you know...

Around 90 of the 100 total metro stations have some kind of art installation. It is considered to be the world’s longest art gallery.


Green Line

For any Nintendo or video gaming fans, Thorildsplan is for you. Using only tiles, artist Lars Arrhenius created a 8-bit video game inspired artwork flowing around the station.

Thorildsplan was built in 1952 but the artwork was commissioned in 2008. The station is above ground.

Tekniska Högskolan

Red Line

Opened in 1973, the artwork at Tekniska Högskolan is by the artist Lennart Mörk. The art is appropriately a celebration of science as the KTH Royal Institute of Technology is nearby.

A highlight at this station is the dodecahedron hanging from the ceiling.

Mörby Centrum

Red Line

With artwork by artists, Gösta Wessel and Karin Ek, the station was opened in 1978. At first glance, there is not much to see at the station...

But at closer inspection, you notice the colours on the wall change according to where you stand.


Blue Line

This station is decorated to look like children were let loose and drew everywhere. Artists Elis Eriksson and Gösta Wallmark were inspired by their own childhoods when decorating the subway station.

The station's name also sounds child like as Hallonbergen means “Raspberry Mountains”. It's one of the most memorable stations you will visit in Stockholm


Blue Line

Opened in 1975, the station was named after The Court House above ground.

Sigvard Olsson is the artist behind Rådhuset.

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