Epic Plane Wreck




July 2017 • Canon 60D camera •
Samsung G7


63° 27′ 32.7′ N, 19° 21′ 53.3′ W

In 1973 a United States Navy Douglas Super DC-3 plane ran out of fuel and crashed on the black beach at Sólheimasandur. All the crew members survived and the plane was abondoned at the beach. The wrekage has since become something of a rite of passage for photographers to visit. We visited the plane in the late afternoon with bad weather condtions. At the start of our walk it was pouring with rain and the wind was directly infront of us making the 45 minute walk from the car park more then an hour. The terrain was flat gravel, with nothing in front of us or to the side. It felt otherwordly with the thick clouds and the black ground.

When we arrived at the plane it was like a white ghost that appeared from nowhere. The good news was that no one else was around. This is a popular site and you see pictures of people standing on the plane and all over the place. Because of the weather no one was here. The bad news was I could hardly take any good photos because of the gale force wind and lashing rain. We took cover inside the plane which was facinating to see for a bit before we headed back. It was quite an adventure visiting the site in this kind of weather and well worth it. I prefered this way as had it been good weather we would not have such a hauting image of the ghost like plane in the black landscape.

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